Girls Luggage

Best Girls Luggage

  If you are looking to buy the best girls luggage set, we have put together this list of great children’s luggage that will add to the vacation fun. Appealing to girls of all ages, these suitcases today come in

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Boys Luggage

Best Boys luggage

Looking at taking some boys on a trip away or extended vacation? Or perhaps you need a great gift for the young man in your life.  With this fantastic selection of some of the best boys luggage sets around, their

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Scooter Luggage

Scooter luggage

Kids bags have come a long way since brown suitcases were the norm. Now we have the most amazing products, like kids scooter luggage, that put the fun back into trips. Scooter bags are not only practical for carrying around

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Ride on luggage

Ride on luggage

Want to get your vacation off to a fun start? We’ve pulled together some of the best ride on luggage around to help you and your younger kids enjoy your next trip. When looking for ride on luggage for kids

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Kids Hard Shell Luggage

Kids hard shell luggage

Kids Hard Shell Luggage – Comparison Table

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We think luggage should be both functional and fun, so if you need help choosing the best kids luggage sets then you are in the right place. Our website contains lots of useful information such as:
- Buying guides - that help you know what to look for when buying children’s luggage;
- Tips to help you choose which type of kids luggage (wheels, hard or soft sided; ride on or scooter bag!); and
- Product reviews to help you narrow it down once you’ve selected the best kids luggage for your children.

The range of kids luggage available today is fantastic – not just in design but also in range and quality. Say NO to boring brown suitcases!

To get you started we have provided an overview of some of the most popular kids luggage brands below. If you already know what type of luggage you want (rolling, hard case, boys, girls etc) you can dive straight in to that information. If you’re not quite sure yet, you might like to review our detailed Kids Luggage Sets Buying Guide.

Most Popular Brands for Kids Luggage Sets

American Tourister

As the official luggage of Disneyland you can expect to find all your Disney favorites represented here. If you are looking for a Disney Princess, Minnie or Mickey, your favourite from Frozen, Cars or a Marvel comic, American Tourister has got it covered. This makes this kids luggage brand extremely popular across a wide range of ages. Known for quality and design combined with value the company has been around since 1933 and was started in Rhode Island when it’s owner, Sol Kofler, put his life savings to work to design a tough suitcase that he could sell for a dollar! Now some 75 years later, the brand is one of the largest luggage companies around. American Tourister luggage comes with a warranty that covers any defects in workmanship and materials (you will need to check your specific product for details). They also sell a small range of replacement parts should you, let’s say – loose a shoulder strap in transit.


You may know Trunki as the people who brought you the original ride on suitcase. These fantastic fun suitcases are not only practical, but look great. Trunki believe in creating kids luggage with personality.

Trunki’s are made in the UK to quality manufacturing standards and the very first one that left the factory in 2012 was fittingly a tribute to the London Olympics.

Their ride on luggage is made entirely of plastic and when you no longer need your Trunki, it has been designed so that it can be disassembled, recycled and made in to a brand new Trunki for someone else. How good is that!

It’s this type of clever thinking that has seen the team at Trunki become multi-award winners, so you know you are getting fun combined with great design.

Trunki’s are also subject to rigorous safety testing to make sure they meet the requirements needed for small people. Due to the companies success there are now many other ride on suitcases available for children. Just make sure that whichever one you choose, it meets the same stringent safety requirements and ethical working standards.

Trunki’s come with a 5 year warranty.


Founded in Canada in 1986 Hey’s luggage has a reputation for high quality workmanship and over the years have often led innovation in the luggage industry. Hey’s introduced lightweight luggage long before overweight baggage was a big deal, and pioneered useful features like retractable wheels.

In 2006 Hey’s introduced kids luggage sets to their range with high quality prints and features especially for children such as curved trolley tubes and protruding wheels making the luggage easier for kids to use. Then in 2012 they introduced the first 3D luggage prints giving kids their favorite characters in images that moved and had dimension.

Hey’s make both hard and soft sided luggage with and without wheels.

Zinc Flyte

If your travel often involves walking long distances through airports, then maybe you need a bag that’s really a scooter!

If you want your kids to enjoy travelling then this might just be the ticket. Two years in development to get the right balance of safety, practicality and fun the scooter bag can be used as a scooter or pulled along like a trolley.

Your child’s age and weight will be a factor in determining whether this product is suitable. The Flyte scooter bag currently comes in two sizes – Mini for ages 2-4 and Midi for ages 4-8. Flyte are currently working on Maxi version for older children 8+, due for release later in 2017.

The Mini version can hold up to 20 kgs and the Midi 50 kgs with a recommended limit of 5kgs in the bag.

Flyte are based in the UK.


Travelpro are probably best known for making luggage suitable for flight crews and frequent travellers, which is great if you are looking for luggage tough enough to withstand your average kid.

Founded in 1987 by the Northwest Airline 747 pilot who invented Rollaboard Wheeled Luggage, Travelpro is best known amongst kids luggage set aficionados as the people who bring you Minions and Jurrasic Park. Both are hard sided cases on wheels, durable enough to let your junior jetsetter take care of their own luggage.


So now you know a little about the pedigree of some of the most popular brands of children’s luggage, look out for these qualities in any brand you may be considering.

Think about:

- How long they’ve been around in case you need to use a warranty?

- What do they have a good reputation for?

- Are they licensed to sell my kids favorites characters?

- Quality, durability; and

- Not least of all - the fun factor! Why walk when you can ride!

To find out more about what to look for in your children’s luggage check out our detailed Buying Guide for Kids Luggage.