Best Girls Luggage

Girls Luggage


If you are looking to buy the best girls luggage set, we have put together this list of great children’s luggage that will add to the vacation fun. Appealing to girls of all ages, these suitcases today come in a fantastic range of colors, themes and materials with enough variety to satisfy even the most particular little traveller.



Best girls luggage sets – Buying Tips

To help make your trip as hassle free as possible here are some things to consider when buying children’s luggage:

  • Cabin friendly bags and suitcases are great because they are often flexible and expandable so are ideal for extra holiday purchases. They can also be filled up with those little extras and things to do that make long trips more bearable for small people (and their parents).
  • Capacity – check how much the luggage holds and consider how heavy it might be when fully packed. If it’s too heavy, you’ll just find yourself lugging an extra bag.
  • Brightly colored and patterned luggage is easily recognizable and good for security because it can stand out from the crowd.
  • Fantastic themed suitcases, complete with their favorite characters can help kids want to own and take care of their special luggage.
  • Dividers and extra pockets are great because they help keep things organized.
  • Number of wheels: Luggage with four wheels give you 360 degree movement whist two wheels can only be maneuvered forwards and backwards. Smaller girls can find this more difficult to negotiate.
  • Guarantee: Kids will be kids, so if you are investing in quality luggage, a guarantee helps to cover luggage damage not the result of normal wear and tear. Check the manufacturers terms and conditions to see exactly what’s covered.
  • Security: Look for luggage that comes with combination locks or padlocks for added security when checking luggage. These can also come in handy for when you just want to stop the kids from unpacking the bag at the wrong time. Like when you are waiting in the check in line!
  • Toughness: Do you want the toughness of a hard sided suitcase or the flexibility of a soft-sided bag that you can squash down a bit if needed.


Best Girls Luggage Sets – Comparison Table

- llbs
Hello KittyABS
Hard shell
Hello Kitty
2 wheels3.9
6” x 11” x 8”5
Heys Disney -Princess Watch Me ShineDuffelPolyesterRetractable
2 wheels4.418” x 20” x10”4.6
American Tourister - Disney FrozenABS
Hard shell
Pull handle
Dual tube
Side mounted
Inline skate
5.518” x 13” x 8”4.4
Stephen Joseph Classic RollingPolyesterPull handle
Dual tube
2 wheels2.914.5” x 18” x 6.5”4.5
American Tourister - Disney MinnieSyntheticPull handleMulticolor
Inline skate
3.718” x 12” x 7”4.8
Emoji Heart EyesDiamond Dust feelPull handle
2 wheels2.920” x 12.5” x 6.5”4.7
American Tourister - Disney Finding Dory PolyesterTelescopic
Pull handle
Inline skate
Side mounted
3.9718” x 12” x 7”4.6


Hello Kitty (Die Cut Head )ABS Luggage Wheeled

If you haven’t met her before and contrary to most popular opinion, Hello Kitty is not a cat at all. She’s a happy and cheerful 3 year old girl with a heart of gold who bakes delicious cookies and adores Mama’s apple pie. She has lots of school friends and lists her hobbies as eating yummy cookies, reading, music, travelling, and making new friends. With so much in common your little girl will definitely love this Hello Kitty case.

The case features an embossed face with a raised hello kitty logo. It’s a fun and cute suitcase for little girls that’s easy to roll and well built. The stud at the bottom of the case adds stability and the interior pockets and compartments offer plenty of space for girls on the go to put all their travel supplies.


  • Has a durable ABS shell that protects even delicate content from being damaged.
  • The extendable handle makes it ideal for your growing girl
  • It has a larger main compartment that can be used for organizing various travel supplies such as clothes, books, and games.
  • Officially licensed product
  • Dimensions: 6” x 11” x 8”
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs


Disney Luggage by Heys  – 18” Rolling Duffel-Princess Watch Me Shine

The Disney Luggage by Heys 18” Rolling Duffel will give your girl a chance to bring her favorite Disney friends along on her trips and vacations. This wheeled duffel has a zippered polycarbonate lid with a Disney Princess design. You can place frequently used items in the two exterior pockets for quick and convenient access. It features a fully lined roomy interior that complements the exterior design.


  • A zippered enclosure
  • Thick and sturdy rubber in-line wheels combined with a retractable handle provide for smooth rolling on most surfaces.
  • The duffel can also be conveniently carried by the shoulder strap, loop handles or top handle.
  • The polyester fabric makes the luggage very durable and highly reliable.
  • The zippered top pocket is made from polycarbonate composite for extra protection and it features a cute Disney princess design.
  • It has two exterior pockets where you can place smaller items such as socks and hair ties.
  • The fully lined interior matches the princess theme.
  • The retractable handle is enclosed in its own neat zippered compartment so it does not get in the way when carrying the luggage as a duffel bag.
  • Dimensions and weight: 18” x 12” x 10”; 4.4lbs

The Disney Luggage by Heys 18” Rolling Duffel has a hard top that makes it more durable and reliable than soft-all-over cases. Although the pockets in front are smaller than some other bags, they are perfect for little accessories and toys. Moreover, its small size ensures that it can easily fit in the overhead bin in most airplanes or underneath the seat.


American Tourister – Disney Frozen 18” Upright Hardside


With this one they’ll be no ‘Letting it Go’. Easy to handle and fun for fans of Anna and Elsa, the American Tourister Disney Frozen 18” Upright Hardside suitcase is one of the best girls’ suitcases. It features a durable ABS shell that protects everything in the case from getting crushed or damaged when transported or stacked. This suitcase features side-mounted skate wheels and a convenient dual-tube pull-handle that makes the case easy to control. It also offers plenty of versatility, with zip enclosures and cross straps to ensure all your child’s possessions are stored securely.


  • A hard and durable ABS/PC shell construction
  • Side mounted in-line skate wheels for quick and easy mobility
  • It has a large mesh pocket on the interior panel
  • Dual-tube pull-handle for easy rolling
  • Cross-straps for securing items in place while travelling
  • Dimensions: 18” x 13” x 8”
  • Excellent for toy storage and travel
  • Meets carry-on requirements for major airlines (always check your airlines restrictions)
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs

Its small size is perfect for your little girl to wheel by herself while still providing ample space for travel essentials and some toys.



Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

The Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage features lots of pockets, which is great especially for young girls. The frame has a formed foam type material that gives it shape to enhance its durability. It features a big mesh pocket on the inside, a smaller pocket behind the mesh pocket and two smaller zipper pockets on the sides.


  • Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is made of 100% polyester which is very durable and resistant to stretching, shrinking, wrinkles and most chemicals.
  • The luggage can be washed by hand using mild detergent
  • Dimensions: 14.5” x 18” x 6.5” which is big enough to hold children’s shoes and clothes.
  • The Extendable handle makes rolling the luggage quite easy
  • Ideal height for little travellers.
  • Multiple pockets for easy and convenient safe keeping
  • Weight: 2.9 lb

Colorful and bright, so you’ll never lose your kid’s suitcase on the luggage belt. It’s also the perfect height for little travellers. It has a large main compartment and several smaller pockets for your kids to pack all their holiday items in. The roller also moves smoothly enough that your little traveller can pull the bag on her own luggage. This suitcase is perfect for anyone who travels with kids.


American Tourister Disney Minnie 18” Upright Softside

The American Tourister Disney Minnie 18” Upright Softside luggage features a unique design that is both fun and easy to use. It has a retractable handle for easy pulling, a top handle for carrying and smooth-rolling inline skate wheels. The front side of the case features a colored print with Minnie Mouse in sunglasses and the sides and top have coordinating patterns. This charming American Tourister Disney luggage has a good-sized main compartment and a mesh pocket on its interior panels. Built-in cross straps and zipper enclosures that help keep the contents secure and organized.


  • Made from durable polyester fabric
  • Features a delightful multi-colored print
  • The side mounted skater wheels and telescoping pull handle make the suitcase very easy to maneuver.
  • Equipped with a top grab handle for easy and convenient lifting
  • It features a fully lined interior with tie-down straps that hold items securely in place
  • This roller case has a mesh pocket right underneath the lid
  • It features an exterior front zipper pocket that provides extra storage that is ideal for last minute additions.
  • Dimensions and weight: 18” x 12” x 7”; 3.7 lbs

American Tourister Disney Minnie 18” Upright Softside is durable and should stand up well.


Emoji Pink Heart Eyes Luggage

The Emoji Pink Heart Eyes Luggage features wheels that roll well on all surfaces. The handle also slides up and down easily. The material is very strong and the colors are bright and true making this another great choice in the best girls’ suitcase line up.


  • Rolling wheels and adjustable handle that make the suitcase ideal for growing little girls
  • Great Emoji allover print design including hearts for eyes
  • Excellent quality and great diamond dust feel
  • Dimension and weight: 20 x 12.5 x 6.5; 2.9lbs

Although the Emoji Pink Heart Eyes Luggage is a little thinner than other luggage on this list, it is big enough to accommodate traveling essentials. It also fits very well in the upper compartment of most planes (check with your airline). Its compact design makes a great luggage for smaller girls.


American Tourister 7472 Disney Finding Dory 18 Inch Upright Softside Children’s Luggage

Available in a colorful character print, the American Tourister 7472 Disney Finding Dory 18 Inch Upright Softside Children’s Luggage is perfect for girls going places. This colorful luggage features an all-over multicolored print and is made from highly durable polyester fabric. It is also equipped with side mounted skate wheels and a telescoping pull handle that make it easy and fun to maneuver. Accented with a fully lined interior with tie-down straps to hold items in place, this roller case also features a mesh pocket just underneath the lid and a top grab handle for easy and convenient lifting. It also has an exterior front zipper pocket for extra storage.


  • Co-branded with American tourister quality
  • Made from strong and durable polyester fabric
  • Features an allover print out of Dory (a friendly but forgetful blue tang fish)
  • It has a telescoping pull handle
  • Side mounted inline skate wheels for effortless mobility
  • A top grab handle for easy lifting
  • Fully padded interior with crisscrossing tie-down straps
  • Large mesh pocket on the interior panel
  • It has an exterior front zipper compartment for last minute additions
  • Dimensions and weight: 18” x 12” x 7; 3.97lbs.

Apart from being colorful and sturdy, the American Tourister 7472 Disney Finding Dory 18 Inch upright soft side is very cute, yet small and light enough even for small children to maneuver through the airport.


There are so many fantastic options available when looking to purchase luggage for girls. The best girls luggage sets are the ones that appeal to your own ‘Anna’, ‘Elsa’ or ‘Disney Princess’ but also provide the right mix of practicality, durability and value for money for your little traveler.

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