Kids Luggage Care and Maintenance Tips

Kids Luggage MaintenanceDifferent types of kids luggage will need different sorts of care to help it last and looking it’s very best.

Storing your child’s luggage

If you store your luggage in a basement or up in the attic you will need to take it out and give it a good ‘airing’ regularly. Opening the bag and placing in the fresh air will help to prevent mildew. Significant humidity or extremely hot or cold temperatures can also age your child’s luggage.

Regularly opening bags is also a good way to keep suitcases more resilient. If you have had you luggage in storage for a while or you’ve just returned from a trip, you can clean your bags using the suggestions below. Make sure your luggage is fully dry before placing into storage and any dirt has been brushed out of zippers and wheels.

Soft-sided Kids Luggage

Softside bags should be spot cleaned using water and a mild soap solution (ideally one that doesn’t foam). If the stains are really stubborn you can try using a spot remover that you would use on clothes or a foaming carpet cleaner. Clean the bag in sections to make the removal less visible but don’t submerge the bag in water.

Some nylon and polyester bags may be chemically treated to make them more water resistant when you first buy them. Cleaning your kids’ bags can remove some of this protection. You can try to restore the bag with commercially available water repellent sprays – just read the label and make sure they are suitable for the type of fabric.

Hard sided Children’s Bags

Start by wiping the bag over with a mild soap solution (as you would for soft-sided luggage). Some people like to then wax hard cases after cleaning. Silicone based furniture or car polish can help to add sheen and preserve the coating of the bag. Just make sure the product you use is suitable for the luggage material by reading the label and don’t use polishes that say they are both cleaner and polish as these are not suitable.

Childrens backpackHelp – my kids bag smells!

If your children’s luggage has developed an unpleasant smell you can try mixing 1 part white vinegar with 5 parts water and wipe over the bag, then make sure you air the bag out thoroughly for a few days after that. After that you can also put charcoal in the bag– lid closed -to help absorb the smell.

Should I oil the fittings?

With quality luggage you shouldn’t need to oil hinges and locks. This will most likely just lead to a mess on your kids clothes or staining the bag.


Follow these tips and you should get many years of use from your kids’ favorite luggage.